Exterior Painting

Want to give your home or business premises a makeover? Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance is ready to answer your call. We don't just provide a superb, professional repainting job; we work closely with our clients to understand exactly what they want and deliver the project of their dreams.

If you're considering an exterior repainting project, don't settle for less than the best. Give us a call today to discuss your project and request a free estimate!

Commercial Exterior Painting


A new coat of paint can revitalize an office, a warehouse, or a commercial tenant building. Whatever your need, the team at Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance has the solution.

Perhaps you're looking to create ultra-modern, attractive business premises that let your employees and clients know that they're working with the best. Maybe you're looking to stamp your brand on a warehouse building and catch potential clients' eyes as they drive past. Perhaps you're looking to attract new tenants to an apartment building and want them to be wowed by how well-maintained the exterior is. The solution is the same: contact us today.

We'll discuss the scale of the project and offer a variety of solutions for you to choose from. We'll pay attention to what you're looking for and help you choose a cost-effective solution that puts your brand's identity at the forefront of the property.

Whatever type of commercial exterior painting project you have in mind, our team is ready to get started. Give us a call today to learn more.

Why Choose Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance?

Our team has years of experience offering the finest exterior repainting services in Maryland and the surrounding area. We take every care to guarantee homeowners and businesses a paint job that will wow you and anyone who comes to your property!

Our courteous team of professionals will treat you with respect and dignity from day 1. Our services are always affordable and bespoke to your needs. Contact us now for a full discussion.

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Our team is ready to offer you the best exterior painting services in Maryland. We provide top-quality work with minimal fuss at a price you can afford.

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Residential Exterior Painting

Is your home due for a makeover? Our residential exterior repainting services can breathe fresh life into a beloved family home. We'll start with a full consultation to help you decide on color schemes, the best type of paint for your property, and which areas would most benefit from a touch-up.

Perhaps you've recently moved into a new property and want to make it feel like home. Maybe you've bought a fixer-upper, and now it's time to fix it up! Either way, Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance is here to help you turn a new house into your dream home.

Repainting a house can also dramatically increase its resale value. We offer cost-effective repainting services to homeowners so that you can make a small investment and get a far better price for your house sale.

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