Drywall Finishing

Once the drywall has been repaired or replaced, why not just paint over it? Is it honestly that important to finish it off first? Yes, it really is!

Drywall that isn't properly sealed leaves your property open to water damage and wiring issues. So what can you do about it?

The finishing process is necessary, but it can be overwhelming to handle on your own. That's why we're here to offer our services so that you don't need to worry. Learn more about how the team at Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance can help with your drywall finishing project.

How Does It Work?


Putting up drywall is enough work on its own, but the finishing process includes additional steps to ensure the integrity of your home or business isn't compromised by the elements. Once the initial work is complete, our professionals go through the taping and mudding process to seal the repair so that it keeps moisture out.

Once the wall is sealed, it's good as new. You won't even notice the difference from the original wall after a professional comes in and cleans up the mess. You'll be back to normal without the eyesore of an unfinished wall in your peripheral vision.

What Does It Cost?

If you're worried about the cost of the project, don't be! We work at competitive rates to give you the best deal possible for the best quality available. Depending on the size of the hole and how much needs to be finished, your project could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

It may seem like a hefty investment, but it's to stabilize the integrity of your property. Without it, more costly repairs and work are sure to come and empty your wallet.

Don't Wait — Contact Us Today!

Cutting corners with construction can quickly lead to more problems than you know what to deal with. Avoid the hassle and contact us today for a free estimate on your project! We'll get the work done quickly with a quality finish you can't deny. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Can You Leave the Drywall Unfinished?

Technically, yes, you can, but you shouldn't. Leaving the project unfinished invites more problems that will empty your pockets and cause you a heap of trouble. Unfinished drywall is not only an eyesore to look at, but it leaves gaps exposed for moisture and pests to creep in.

Additionally, painting over the unsealed wall is a fire hazard. It may go against building safety standards, resulting in a fine and more repair work.

Taping and mudding the new drywall not only fills in the gaps, sealing the repair from potential threats but also evens out the surface for a smooth, finished look. Without this, the wall looks like poor patchwork instead of a seamless blend. The objective is for people to never guess there was a hole there in the first place.

Don't wait or cut corners with construction work. Save yourself a headache and call our team of professionals to finish the job for you. We'll make sure it's done right the first time.