Cabinet Painting Services For Commercial and Residential Properties

Cabinets are the components that complete a room, whether a kitchen, bathroom, or office. If you have had your cabinets for a long while, you will notice that they can begin to fade or look dull. Dull cabinets make the house look old and neglected.

It is important to maintain the cabinets to keep your house looking great. One way to do that is to keep refinishing and repainting with high-quality finishes and paints. Lucky for you, we make this all easy with our services at Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance.

Learn more about the services we provide and how we can improve the look of your home.

The Maryland Painting & Home Maintenance Restoration Process


Removing Doors and Hardware

Our team is careful when handling your cabinets because we want to ensure they leave the place better than it was. We have the right tools to remove the doors and all the hardware carefully so that it can be easy to restore everything. If you want to change anything about your cabinets, that is the right moment.

Prepping and Sanding the Surfaces

Once the doors are out of the way, the next step is to prepare all the surfaces for painting. We do that by sanding the surfaces to even out everything and makes it easy to paint.

We use power equipment and hand sandpaper, depending on the surface we are prepping. Once everything is smooth and clean, we can proceed to the painting step.

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We are a team of professionals ready to transform your cabinets into sleek and attractive pieces of furniture. If your cabinets have not been renewed in a while, we are the best team to make them look new in a short time.

Our products are durable, and our team is highly skilled. We will turn your home or building into a spectacle with our thorough process. Call us today for the best investment for your cabinets.

Residential Exterior Painting


Painting is where the visible transformation happens. We have many paint colors for you to choose from, and we can help you pick a color that will look great with your interior walls. You can choose to apply a stain that just enhances the color of the wood or a color that totally changes the overall look of the room.

Whether you choose a paint or stain, we will do a few primer steps to ensure that the coating is durable. We start with the doors and let them dry as we paint the cabinets. That makes it easy to put them back once we finish cabinet painting because they will have dried.

Reassembling the Cabinets

Once the painting is done, and everything has dried out, we start restoring your cabinet to what it was before. We screw back the doors without damaging the newly applied paint and ensure everything is tightly fixed. By the time we fix back everything, your kitchen or office will look like it has a new set of cabinets.